Visible Evidence xxiii – The conference was held in Bozeman in August 2016.  Go to the conference full schedule here: VisEvxxiiiSchedule .  A version of the paper I delivered can be found here: LandscapeText012617

Codes and Modes: The Character of Documentary Culture – The conference was held in November 2014.  To go to the Conference website click here.  To read the program essay “The Reach of Documentary” by Jason Fox and Martin Lucas click here.

“The Film and Photo League” This article was published on the Interference Archive blog on May 1, 2014.

“The Virtual Cutting Room” in Learning Through Digital Media: Experiments in Technology and Pedagogy. Ed. Trebor Scholz. New York, Institute for Distributed Creativity, 2011.

FreeAssociation: Meaning in Common” 16 Beaver Group appearing in the order of: Rene Gabri, Pedro Lasch, Ayreen Anastas, Martin Lucas, Paige Sarlin, Benj Gerdes, & Jesal Kapadia Rethinking Marxism Special Issue 22 (3) 2010: “The Commons.”

“Manhattan Neighborhood Network – Community Media New York Style” The Alternative Media Handbook, Eds. T. Dowmunt & A. Fountain. Routledge Media Handbook Series, London, 2007.

“The Ontology of the Bagel Cart” Archis Magazine, Spring 2002.

(PDF)  BagelCart

Virtual Case Book

Fallout: A History of Upheaval “Forgetting Nicaragua”

“Resistance and Public Art: Cultural Action in a Globalized Terrain” Afterimage, vol 34, nos. 1 &2, Sept. 2006.

(PDF)  Resistance_and_public_art

One Slate per Child – Malawi Style



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